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Mold removal by specialized company

This text is specially intended for expatriates and English speaking people in the Netherlands. Therefore, we cannot rule out sporadic misspellings. Of course, in our field – mold removal – we are 100% effective and error-free.

Would you like to have mold removed? Then you have come to the right place at Lavos Cleaning! We combat mold effectively. Easily and quickly! Would you also like to get rid of dirty mold quickly without too much hassle? No troublesome black mold in the bathroom? Mold remediation and cleaning company Lavos is your expert! 

mold removal

Mold on your wall or ceiling?

Mold is unhealthy and occurs mainly on walls and ceilings. You may recognize black mold in damp rooms, mainly in the bathroom and/or shower. As a mold cleaning company, we are happy to help you remove this mold. We combat and remove mold on a daily basis in cities as Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Lelystad, Utrecht, Amersfoort, ’t Gooi, Hilversum, Baarn, Naarden, Blaricum, Huizen, Soest, Woerden, Alphen aan de Rijn, Leiden, Gouda, Den Haag, Rotterdam and other regions.

We remove mould:

  • in the bathroom;
  • in the crawl space;
  • in the basement;
  • in the attic;
  • in the bedroom;
  • in the kitchen;
  • in the living room;
  • on window frames;
  • on the walls;
  • on the ceiling;
  • on wooden structures.

There are numerous types of mold. We fight all types, such as yellow, black, green, white or pink mold.

    Need some help?

    Why hire a mold remediation company?

    Removing mold yourself can be a difficult job. You’ve probably already fought the first mold with cleaning supplies, but you still can’t manage to remove it permanently. Therefore, call Lavos Cleaning! Our mold remediation company not only fights mold, but we also investigate where the problem is coming from. We also give you tips on how to prevent it from happening again.

    Mold removal costs

    If you want to have mold removed by a professional, you are probably curious about the costs involved. The cost of mold removal depends on several factors, including the room and the type of mold. The best way to determine the cost is to submit a no-obligation quote request with some photos attached. This will allow us to provide a good estimate of the cost for you. To be sure of the best price:

    • We work very efficiently;
    • We give you a transparent quote in advance.
    • Moreover, you benefit from a guarantee on our work.

    Email us at for a free quote.

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    Highly rated by our customers

    Jochem van MeersbergenJochem van Meersbergen
    08:51 18 Nov 22
    We were helped very adequately and quickly by Rob and his team. In addition to remedying the mold spots, they also gave us several tips to prevent mold in the future. Would definitely recommend Lavos!
    Mira M.Mira M.
    08:28 05 Oct 22
    We have had a mold and moisture problem. Contacted Lavos Cleaning and they came to have a look the next day. Made a plan of approach and the quote was delivered the same day. These people keep to their agreements, very professional with a lot of knowledge and expertise.Two weeks later, they solved everything from rising damp to continuous damp in a week's time. I can recommend them to everyone, unique in this day and age to find a party that is so professional and keeps its word.
    Jolijn NikkenJolijn Nikken
    10:08 09 Sep 22
    Fantastic help from Rob and his team. They go the extra mile. Very nice people who deliver good quality and have their hearts in the right place. I would definitely recommend them. The bathroom was mold-free in no time!
    Demi ColucciDemi Colucci
    17:50 20 Jun 22
    the team arrived on time, cleaning was completed fast with a good quality.
    09:59 13 Dec 21
    Never showed up. After the 4th time of rearranging the appointment, i give up. Most unprofessional company i have dealt with.